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Best Motorcycle Rain Apparel

Best Motorcycle Rain Apparel

Whether you ride your motorcycle for fun or commuting to work, you can’t stop inclement weather from ruining a perfectly good ride. You can, however, dress for the occasion by investing in clothing that will keep you comfortable and dry in less than desirable riding conditions. In this guide, we explore some of the best motorcycle rain apparel you can buy to ensure that every ride you take in the rain is more enjoyable. We will cover the basics of what to wear and what materials are best for wet conditions.

Best Motorcycle Rain Apparel

When you have ridden a motorcycle long enough, you have probably endured every imaginable type of riding condition. From cross-country adventures to quick commutes, rain is an inevitable fact of life. However, bad weather doesn’t mean you have to close the garage door and leave your joy ride for another day. With the right apparel, you can power through any type of conditions that Mother Nature throws at you. The best rain apparel is made of breathable materials that have some degree of water resistance to keep you dry. Many rain jackets are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is completely waterproof but not very breathable. Some companies offer apparel with sealed or taped seams to ensure a more durable construction and better line of defense against rain. A lot of rain gear is treated with a durable water repellent (DWR), which prevents water from building up. Over time, these treatments can wear off but they can also be replaced with a new coating. You will also want to look for gear that provides adequate venting for breathability and reflective features for better visibility in bad riding conditions.

There is a division in the motorcycling community in terms of wearing rain gear versus waterproof riding apparel. Rain gear is purely meant to be worn when it is raining. One downside to wearing rain gear is that you have to stop off on the side of the road and throw on your gear when you encounter wet weather, because this gear is designed to be worn over your standard riding gear and it can become heavy and warm if you wear it preventatively. Many riders find a benefit in wearing waterproof gear, especially when it comes to adventure touring or dual-sport riding. Plus, you don’t have to stop off on the side of the road to make a wardrobe change. However, waterproof gear isn’t as versatile as rain gear, as you will be limited to that outfit if you decide to ride prepared. The decision comes down to personal preference.

Boots: There is nothing worse than riding in soggy boots, which makes choosing a quality pair of riding boots an essential part of getting ready for the rain. You have the choice between waterproof motorcycle boots and rain boot covers that can be stored until they are needed. Boot covers are typically made of nylon or rubber and are usually best for prolonged riding in the rain.

Gloves: You rely on your hands more than almost any other body part when riding, which makes it important to protect them from the elements. You have the choice between waterproof motorcycling gloves and rain covers for gloves, which secure over any standard pair of gloves and you can store them when they are not in use.

Helmets: A full-face helmet offers the greatest degree of protection from the cold, rain, and wind. Many full-face helmets come fully equipped with built-in vents, but you will want to close those vents before the rain sets in. If you ride while wearing an open-face helmet, you will want to invest in a helmet visor to keep the rain off your face and from limiting your vision. Some riders go the extra mile by wearing goggles that have anti-fog and anti-static properties.

Jackets: You can either wear a heavy-duty, waterproof motorcycle jacket or carry a lightweight rain jacket along on your ride to wear over your standard motorcycling jacket. A good jacket will have a high collar that seals your neck to keep water from dripping inside. You will also want to have sleeves that fit securely around your wrists. No matter what you decide, riding with a jacket is much more comfortable than riding without one, because those raindrops can sting.

Pants: With upper body protection out of the way, you will also want to invest in a quality pair of rain paints or covers to protect your legs. You will have the choice of the coverall or bib style, which will reach up over the front of your torso and offer additional wet weather protection. If you want to minimize the risk of letting water in from the ankle openings near your boots, look for pants that have elastic stirrup straps and will anchor to the bottom of your boots. You might also want to look for pants with heat-resistant panels, as these will prevent melting caused by the exhaust and motor.

At Kawasaki Parts Nation, we offer a vast selection of motorcycle riding gear and rain apparel that will keep you comfortable, dry, and safe on the wet roads. If you have any questions about this guide, please feel free to contact us.