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How to Get Sponsors for ATV Racing

How to Get Sponsors for ATV Racing

When you love riding so much that the competitive bug bites, chances are you will stick with it long enough to consider sponsorship. The matter of securing your first sponsor can be tricky and a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to get sponsors for ATV racing to make this step a little easier.

  • 1. Treat it like a business contract

    A sponsorship is a business agreement and too many competitive riders forget this. This isn’t the same as asking your parents or your uncle to give you some money for your next race. A sponsor is usually a well-established business offering you services or goods for free in return for you advertising their brand logo on your gear or ride during races. You should act professionally throughout every step of securing sponsors and always remember it’s a business agreement.

  • 2. Scout out potential sponsors

    When looking for sponsorship, you need the right sponsors. While you could get the local burger joint to sponsor you in return for free food, that shouldn’t be the most useful sponsor to your overall racing game. Your best bet is always to seek out industry recognized sponsors. This will result in getting free parts or services for your ride, or riding gear to look sharper and stay safe out there, which will offer the most benefit to your racing game while giving you a more professional appearance in the industry. You can find sponsors by looking at the brands and manufacturers in the industry and simply approaching them asking for sponsorship.

  • 3. Submit a proposal

    The biggest thing people mess up in how to get sponsors for ATV racing is the step of asking for sponsorship. As previously mentioned, you should approach this as a business deal which means doing your homework and coming in prepared. Many companies have sponsorship information on their website as well as specific application guidelines for applying for sponsorship so you should always start there. You should put together a proposal that has a few key elements to make it easier for a potential sponsor to get a feel for you as a rider. It should include key information such as racing stats or standings, noted victories worth mentioning, photos including action shots, your ride, a headshot, and even your pit, to show how well you promote sponsors and give them an overall feel for you both as a rider and individual.

  • 4. Make it mutually beneficial

    While many racers think the goal of sponsors is to get gear, parts or money, the goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the sponsor to last for years. When you build a successful relationship with a sponsor, they will hopefully increase their support which will only benefit both of you more in the long run. When approaching sponsors, mention what you can do for them whether that is a strong social media presence you can promote their brand on or a prominent race lined up for the next race cycle. You want to show them what you can do for them to make sure the partnership is mutually beneficial for both parties.

  • 5. Remember you represent the sponsor in all you do

    It is important to remember that the public and fans of the sport have a hard time separating the rider from the brand. If you gain sponsorship from a brand or company, you represent them in all you do both when racing and in your overall public persona. No brand wants to be associated with someone with a less than desirable public image. Make sure you represent your sponsors with pride and dignity both on and off the track.