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How to Store Your Kawasaki Watercraft

How to Store Your Kawasaki Watercraft

A waterski is a great way to get out and have some summer fun in the sun. When cooler temperatures roll around in the winter, you will need to store your jet ski to ensure it's ready to go for warmer days next year. Here are a few tips on how to store your Kawasaki watercraft when the time comes.

  1. 1. Drain fuel

    When it comes to how to store your Kawasaki watercraft, draining the fuel is a necessity. Leaving fuel in the watercraft for an extended period of time without an alcohol-free fuel stabilizer will lead to erosion so it is best to drain the tank.

  2. 2. Disconnect the battery

    You also want to disconnect the battery before storing your Kawasaki watercraft for the rest of the year. This will prevent it from draining the battery while not in use. You can disconnect the battery, but make sure you bring it inside to a safe place for winter rather than leaving it in the jet ski where it can become frozen or damaged.

  3. 3. Properly clean and inspect it

    Before storing your jet ski, you should properly clean it and check it for any damages. If you put it away dirty with a buildup of saltwater or dirt, it could wear down the paint job or lead to erosion. This is why you should clean it and repair any damages before storing it for winter. This will allow you to simply pull it out of storage and with a few minor maintenance tasks, be ready to ride that same day.

  4. 4. Have it serviced

    Before you store it away, an oil change is a great thing to have done. This will ensure your jet ski is ready to go when the weather warms up again. In fact, there are plenty of locations offering winterizing services which will take care of the oil and any other concerns before you store it away for the season.

  5. 5. Store it indoors

    While a jet ski is an outdoor machine, you don't want to leave it outdoors for winter left to the mercy of the snow, wind, and moisture. It should be housed inside your garage, shed, or even a public storage unit specializing in the needs of such a unique item.