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Necessary Motorcycle Accessories

Necessary Motorcycle Accessories

When looking for ways to add to your riding experience, the addition of the right accessory can bring new life to your next ride. While there are certainly plenty of options on today's ever-expanding market, knowing the right one to get can be tricky. Our list of the top 10 necessary motorcycle accessories should help point you in the right direction.

  1. 1. Helmet

    One of the most necessary motorcycle accessories is a great helmet. A helmet stands between your head and the pavement in the event of an unfortunate yet all too common accident, so this is a must-have item. You need a reliable helmet made with durable materials from a trusted manufacturer to ensure your safety. When you buy a bike, the helmet should be the very next thing you buy.

  2. 2. Riding boots

    Riding a motorcycle can technically be done with any footwear but real riding boots have a few advantages. For starters, they look cool and certainly help you live up to the motorcycle riding culture. Aside from that more superficial element, riding boots are designed to offer more traction and grip when riding. They are also made to offer a more durable shoe to protect your feet in the event of an accident.

  3. 3. Storage solutions

    When looking at gear to add to your bike, the matter of storage shouldn't be overlooked. This is one of the more necessary motorcycle accessories because bikes are limited on where you can store your personal belongings while riding. Whether you use your bike for the morning commute to work or just riding on the weekends, a trunk bag or saddlebag can give you somewhere to store your stuff.

  4. 4. Rain gear

    Riding in the rain can be unpleasant. If you are caught riding in the rain, having the right rain gear on hand lets you arrive at your destination without being completely soaked. These are lightweight jackets and pants that are easy to store in your trunk bag or other storage space.

  5. 5. Face mask

    When riding, the wind will hit you on the face the entire time. A helmet is a great way to minimize this, but a face mask is also a great option, especially if you choose a helmet that isn't full face in design. Face masks help protect you from the wind when riding while also looking pretty cool if you choose one with designs like a skull on the front.

  6. 6. Disc locks

    The theft of motorcycles is a common occurrence because they are an easy target. With the use of disc locks, you can discourage the thief from stealing your bike by locking them on both wheels. This will make it almost impossible for them to ride off on your bike.

  7. 7. Gloves

    The right pair of gloves can make the ride easier. Gloves serve a few important purposes. For starters, they keep your hands warm when riding against the wind in cooler temperatures. They also protect your hands in case of an accident. The skin on your hands is thin and there are a lot of important blood vessels underneath the surface which is reason enough to wear riding gloves. The gloves also give you a better grip since many are made for the express needs of riders in regard to handling the maneuvering and gripping aspects of riding.

  8. 8. Heated clothing

    If you plan on riding in the fall or winter, heated clothing is a great investment. Since motorcycles are open-air vehicles, a heater is a waste. Aside from heated seats, the best way to keep yourself warm is with heated clothing. Best of all, this item has expanded to include everything from pants and jackets to boots and gloves, so you can add as much or little heat as you prefer.

  9. 9. Cover

    When you aren't riding your bike, it needs to be covered to ensure it isn't exposed to wind, rain, snow, or sun which can all cause unique damages. With a cover, you can safely and easily protect your favorite set of wheels from harm.

  10. 10. Jacket

    A jacket is a riding must. Not only are they cool and stylish, but they also provide a good defense against the wind while offering a layer of protection should an accident occur.