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Necessary UTV Accessories

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While many utility vehicles are loaded with cutting edge features sure to excite, there are still a few great add-on items worth considering. When it comes to finding the most necessary UTV accessories for your new ride, we have you covered with a list of top essentials.

  1. 1. Spare tire

    One of the most necessary UTV accessories is a spare tire. Much like a car, a UTV can get a flat tire and if you are unprepared for this turn of events, you could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. A spare might be hard to come by since they are not usually included in the model, but they are definitely worth finding. UTV tires can easily become punctured and while you can probably ride in a straight line over smooth ground for a mile or two without damaging your wheel well on a flat, it will be a bigger challenge and more damage if you drive a flat tire over rocky terrains for long distances.

  2. 2. Air supply kit and repair kit

    Aside from a spare tire, another great accessory worth investing in for a UTV is an air supply kit or tire repair kit. These might be two different kits or one inclusive kit covering both aspects. An air supply kit will give you a small air pump you can use while out riding in the event of a loss of tire pressure while a repair kit will include all the essentials for patching a hole in case of a puncture. These are not meant to be long-term fixes, but they should get you back to civilization in the event you don't have a spare tire on hand.

  3. 3. Rear view mirror

    One of the less obvious but still necessary UTV accessories, a rear-view mirror is a great addition when looking to add something extra and functional. Most UTVs do not come with a rear mirror already in place since the vehicle is open concept and should have very little in the way of blind spots when backing up. A rear mirror can simply make it easier and many UTV riders find they prefer having one to not having one, especially since reversing with a five-point harness on can get tricky.

  4. 4. Belt and belt bag

    If you are out riding, a blown belt can put an end to your fun. Since this is one of the more common things to happen when out on rough trails, carrying an extra belt in a dedicated belt bag on the frame of your UTV is a smart move. You should also make sure you know how to change the belt before riding just in case.

  5. 5. Basic tools

    Speaking of making repairs while out riding, it is important to have a set of basic tools on hand. Without the basics of a few wrenches that you know fit the specifics of your model's hardware, there will be very little you can do to fix something that goes wrong on the ride. There are many options you can buy that are tool kits which include the basics you need for a UTV or you can put together your own kit and store it in your UTV glovebox or storage space.

  6. 6. Roof

    The open concept of the frame of a UTV is a major selling point for most, but you might want to add a bit more coverage. A roof is a great add on that will work with many models on today's market. This will give you a bit more protection from the sun while riding which can be helpful on hot and humid days.

  7. 7. Windshield

    Another great accessory for the frame of the UTV is a windshield. Much like adding a roof, a windshield gives you a bit more protection from wind, rain, snow, water, or mud while riding. If a windshield is too much coverage for your preferences and you prefer the open-air concept, you can also add a wind deflector instead which will still help with deflecting cold winds while riding and is especially useful in the fall and winter when temperatures drop.

  8. 8. Jumper box

    If you are out riding and your battery loses its juice, it will be pretty much impossible to push start the UTV since most operate on a CVT transmission. This is why most riders bring a jumper box along with them. There are a few options on the market for this necessity so make sure you find one that will work with your model and needs.

  9. 9. LED light bar

    An LED light bar is a great way to add extra illumination for night rides. LEDs are affordable and long lasting while also operating efficiently to avoid strain on your vehicle. They are also easy to install with most attaching to the frame of the UTV.

  10. 10. Cover

    When looking for an accessory that offers protection, a cover is a must-have item. Your UTV can take on damage if left exposed to the elements of wind, rain, sun, or snow so a cover provides a great barrier to prevent such damage.