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Off-Road Bike Buying Guide For Kawasaki

Off-Road Bike Buying Guide For Kawasaki

When buying a dirt bike for your riding enjoyment, there are a few important areas to consider. With our Kawasaki off-road bike buying guide here to help, find out the basics of this purchase to get the right one for you!

Size and Engine Power

The most important thing to look at in our Kawasaki off-road bike buying guide is the matter of size and engine. Kawasaki offers several sizes in their lineup and you shouldn't overlook this aspect. The size of the bike and the engine power are usually related. For example, a smaller bike will have a less powerful engine whereas a bigger bike will need a bigger engine to give it enough power. While you may think bigger is always better, you should consider this factor carefully.

  • If you are new to riding dirt bikes, a smaller frame and engine are the ideal choice until you get more comfortable with riding whereas a more powerful engine and larger frame are ideal for the more experienced rider.
  • The matter of your height also plays a role in finding the right bike size. If you get a bike that is too big, you will have a harder time reaching the handle bars, maintaining control without creating arm strain, and even reaching the pedals in a safe, comfortable manner. If you choose a bike that is too small, you run the risk of putting too much weight on the bike and being so cramped you can't easily maneuver like you need to on a dirt bike.
  • You should always sit on a bike before you buy it to make sure the sizing won't be an issue.
  • For younger riders, Kawasaki offers youth dirt bikes which are the right height and weight, as well as engine power, for younger riders just starting out.

Dual or Off-Road Only?

Another important matter to consider when shopping for Kawasaki dirt bikes is whether you want a dual bike or an off-road only model. A dual bike is one you can ride on paved roads and dirt trails whereas an off-road only bike isn't meant for paved roads under any circumstances. Basically, if you intend to compete on a few paved tracks while also competing on dirt tracks, you will need a dual bike. If you are just looking to ride dirt trails only whether for fun or competition an off-road only bike is the better bet. The main reason for this is because of the speed gears. A bike for pavement riding will likely never engage the top speed gears whereas an off-road bike will need more versatility in changing gears while riding. The suspension is also different. While a dual bike has suspension meant for both pavement and dirt trails, the off-road only bike will offer better suspension for doing tricks or jumps while competing or riding for fun. Again, this will be a personal decision based on several factors so make sure you consider it carefully to get the right bike for your intended activities.

Two Stroke vs. Four Stroke

The matter of 2 stroke or 4 stroke is a complicated one in the dirt bike community. While 2 stroke was declining to the better efficiency of the 4 stroke engine, it has started making a slow comeback because some riders like the snap and pop of a 2 stroke. The 4 stroke is the better choice in terms of performance and longevity. The 4 stroke requires a bit more upkeep than the 2 stroke in terms of valve adjustments and frequent oil changes for the simple fact that the engine components move more with the pistons pumping up and down twice to a 2 stroke engine's single pump operation. The 2 stroke is louder and smellier which is another reason many people prefer the more updated 4 stroke engine. When shopping for a dirt bike from Kawasaki, you should consider this element and the role it plays in your buying decision process.

New or Used?

The matter of whether to buy new or used is usually dictated by how much you want to spend. If you are looking for a new bike that will last for years without much upkeep or worry, a new bike is the better albeit more expensive bet. If you are looking to save money as your top concern, a used bike is the way to go in most cases. A used bike is also an ideal choice if you are new to riding and just starting out, especially if you are mechanically inclined in terms of upkeep, since you will most likely end up trashing it more than an experienced rider. The decision whether to buy new or used is a highly personal one you need to consider prior to shopping around.