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Reasons to Go to a Riding School

Reasons to Go to a Riding School

A bike is more than just a mode of transportation. When you buy a motorcycle or dirt bike, you are joining a lifestyle of speed and excitement to last a lifetime. While learning to ride can be self-taught and relatively easy, there are several great reasons to go to a riding school. Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons to go to a riding school.

  1. 1. It's fun

    While most people might not think of school as something fun, a riding school isn't like a regular school where you spend all day listening to a teacher talk. There will be some of that, but most of the learning takes place on the bike outdoors in real riding scenarios. Depending on the school or course you choose, you will spend most of the time riding either on pavement for motorcycles or dirt tracks for dirt bike courses. While it can be intimidating if you are a first-time rider, most instructors love what they do because bikes are so much fun, so the environment is relaxed and inviting for newbies.

  2. 2. It teaches safety

    One of the biggest reasons to go to a riding school is the safety aspect. When you told your loved ones you were buying a motorcycle or dirt bike, the reaction was most likely concern. A riding class can put everyone's mind at ease because you will learn the basics of how to safely ride your bike. From how to regain balance and control to what to do if you wipe out to minimize injuries, there are plenty of safety elements covered in most courses to make them beneficial for any new rider.

  3. 3. It helps hone skills

    While riding classes are great for new riders, there are skills to learn for both new and more seasoned riders alike. A riding course can be a great way to brush up on skills or go over basics you may have forgotten over the years. Even if you have been riding for years but never had a class, there is plenty to learn for seasoned riders. As a new rider, you can learn to hone skills as well, so you have a strong riding foundation from the start.

  4. 4. There are unique benefits

    While you are paying money to take a class, there are a few interesting paybacks in return. For example, the DMV in your state might let you skip the riding test if you have completed a riding course and only require you to take the written test instead. There are also insurance benefits. Motorcycles can be considered riskier on the roadways, so insurance companies occasionally are wary of offering a low rate, but with a riding course certificate that shows you know the basics of safe riding, your insurance company may offer you a better rate.

  5. 5. You meet new people

    Another great aspect of taking a riding class is that you meet new people from all walks of life with a common shared interest. Whether riding dirt bikes for competition someday or riding motorcycles as part of your everyday life, there is a sense of camaraderie. A riding course is a great place to start building a network of riding buddies.