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Tips for Maintaining Your Motorcycle

Tips for Maintaining Your Motorcycle

When you are the proud owner of a motorcycle, the matter of maintenance is critical. Your favorite set of wheels should be in pristine condition and ready to ride at all times. Whether you are new to owning a bike or looking for a refresher on main areas of care, here are a few tips for maintaining your motorcycle.

  1. 1. Keep it clean

    One of the best tips for maintaining your motorcycle is to simply keep it clean. A motorcycle that is dirty or has a lot of buildup of grime is more likely to need repairs. When you regularly clean your bike, you can troubleshoot and recognize any issues or damages before they have a chance to worsen.

  2. 2. Care for the chains and cables

    Another important way to maintain your favorite set of wheels is to routinely care for the chains and cables. When looking at chain maintenance, check for a chain that is too tight or too loose. A too loose chain will lead to poor performance and potential breakdown without the right tension while a chain that is too tight will lead to wear and tear on the sprocket and potential damage. Aside from checking the fit of the chain, you should also look for damaged chain teeth, sprockets, or rollers. You should also make sure it is well lubricated to ensure proper movement as part of your routine chain maintenance. For cables, you should check for any areas of fraying or punctures in the seal. Cables should also be lubricated when directed by the manufacturer to ensure proper performance but check with the needs of your specific model before doing so.

  3. 3. Check the fluids

    One of the best tips for maintaining your motorcycle is to regularly check all fluids. This means everything from oil level and brake fluid level to fuel stabilizers. Without these important fluids at the proper level, you leave your bike open to a host of mechanical issues from locked up engines to failing brakes when you need them most.

  4. 4. Take care of the tires

    The tires are the key to proper control thanks to the way they grip the road while you ride so neglecting this area in your maintenance plan isn't wise. You should check the tires regularly for signs of wear and tear, abrasions, or even punctures so you can remedy these issues rather than end up stranded on the side of the road. You also want to look at tire pressure on a regular basis. Bad tires can cause deadly accidents so this is one area of your bike you want to give ample attention.

  5. 5. Maintain the battery

    The battery coupled with the engine is the heart of the machine so make sure you include it in your maintenance checks. You want to inspect for any cracks in the battery as well as any unusual vibrations while the bike is operating. Another thing to check is the electrolytes to make sure they are at the right level.